FLPD Class I Special Police Officers

The FLPD Class I Special Police Officers are tasked with providing support to the Police Department in the following disciplines:

  • Courtroom security
  • Special event security & crowd control
  • Weather related emergencies¬† ¬†

FLPD Sgt. Brian Metzler (201-564-6143) is in charge of the Class I Special Police Officers, and the unit consists of the following personnel:

  • SPO I J. Magarelli
  • SPO I Schlesinger
  • SPO I Kupershmidt
  • SPO I Tyminski
  • SPO I N. Magarelli
  • SPO I Kortright
  • SPO I Balfour
  • SPO I Grega
  • SPO I Villegas
  • SPO I Held
FLPD Class I Officers