Firearms & Fingerprinting Information

Carry permit questions? Read the FLPD Permit to Carry Instruction sheet


Step 1: The process to obtain a State of New Jersey firearms purchasing permit and a State of New Jersey firearms identification card is governed by the New Jersey State Police Firearms Application & Registration System (FARS). The system is now web based and can be located by visiting Printed forms are no longer available at FLPD HQ, and printed forms are no longer accepted by the New Jersey State Police. 

Important: You will need the Fair Lawn Police Department's ORI number to complete the application. Copy & paste the number below into the registration website:



Step 2: Complete the online application. You will need to supply two (2) people along with their email addresses for references. Both references must live in the State of New Jersey. Please ensure you have entered the best phone numbers and email addresses for yourself and your references since you will be receiving automated email updates during the process. Please advise your references that the FARS system will email them the reference questionnaire to be completed via smartphone, tablet or computer. 

If you are unsure if an arrest resulted in a conviction, be sure to list ANY and ALL prior arrests. Falsification of the application is a crime of the third degree as provided in NJS 2C:39-10c. 

Also be advised that all applications submitted for E-Permits must have the correct NAME and DOB. The E-Permit can not be completed if the DOB is wrong. Applications will be withdrawn if submitted in error and you will have to re-apply with the correct information.


Step 3: Once the process is completed, you will be contacted to pick up your ID card and / or permit(s) from FLPD HQ by Det. Brian Simpson, 201-794-5415, generally Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 3:00 pm. Payment can be made by check or money order made out to the Borough of Fair Lawn. Firearms ID card = $5.00 / Permit to Purchase = $2.00 each. 


Background check fingerprinting is generally done through the Identogo website. Visit This is the service mandated to be used by the State of New Jersey. The Fair Lawn Police Department and the Borough of Fair Lawn have no affiliation with this service. You will need the Fair Lawn Police Department's ORI number, which is NJ0021700. You will also need a service code. Service codes are are follows:

  • 2F164B - Firearms licensing
  • 2F17ZY - Local Ordinance
  • 2BZZQK - Alcohol Beverage License
  • 2F1B77 - Paid or part time firemen
  • 2F1HSX - Volunteer

There are limited circumstances where ink fingerprints are taken at Police HQ. If you have been provided with fingerprint cards or directed to Police HQ to get ink fingerprints taken, please contact Police Records at 201-794-5418 during business hours or email for more information. Please note there is a $15.00 fee per ink fingerprint card.