Patrol Division


The Patrol Division of the FLPD is the largest division of the Department, consisting of 37 personnel. It is staffed by Patrol Officers who work 12 hours shifts, 24/7/365. Patrol Officers can be counted on for a rapid response to life threatening emergencies and serious incidents, and to work quickly to restore calm and order once they arrive. Other less critical calls are prioritized and handled in an efficient manner. Patrol Officers respond to crimes in progress, emergency medical situations, traffic accidents, and hundreds of other types of calls for service. Patrol Officers make arrests for the entire spectrum of the New Jersey Criminal Code from 1st degree crimes to petty disorderly persons offenses and Driving While Intoxicated offenses. 


The Patrol Division is commanded by Capt. Joseph Dawicki (201-794-5409) and consists of the following personnel:


Lt. Eric Leitman Lt. Paul Scott Lt. Derek Bastinck Lt. James Corcoran
Sgt. Sean Macys Sgt. Peter Yuskaitis Sgt. Kenneth Cavanagh Sgt. Kevin Wood
--- --- --- ---
PO Timothy Ammann PO Stephen Buskiewicz PO Anthony Ferreira Jr. PO Geovanny Buitron
PO Robert Belbol PO William Hickey PO Michael Franco PO Justin DiGuglielmo
PO Anthony Burgos PO Luke Hintzen PO Juan Hinojosa PO Javier Gutierrez
PO Miguel Cruz PO Robert Manning PO Robert Iozzia PO Brian Goodson
PO Peter Federico PO Michael O'Brien PO Mark Roskowsky PO John Kelly
PO Tiller Uriarte PO Bradley Pindyck PO Thomas Spear PO Juan Rodriguez
PO Luis Vasquez PO Christopher Sullivan PO Michael Van Ness PO John Rovetto
--- PO Brandon Loaiza --- ---