FLPD Communitcations


The Communications Center is overseen by Accreditation Lieutenant James Krizek. The Communications Center is staffed 24/7 by a FLPD Commanding Officer at the rank of Sergeant or above, and at least one dispatcher. The primary responsibilities of the communications center personnel include handling all incoming non-emergency and emergency calls with a 9-1-1 enhanced system as well as all other calls that come into police headquarters for police, fire and ambulance. The full time and per-diem dispatchers handle in excess of 100,000 calls per year via 9-1-1, ten digit non-emergency lines and overnight parking. 9-1-1 calls for police, fire and emergency medical services are evaluated, assigned and prioritized for the level of emergency response. The Communications Center is also tasked with maintaining radio contact with all Police, Fire, and EMS units, as well as surrounding towns and support agencies. Communications Center personnel are also able to monitor in real time many locations throughout the Borough via the use of wireless surveillance cameras. 


The Communications Center consists of the following full time personnel: