FLPD Forms

Below you will find forms commonly used. Please note that FLPD Forms reporting any incident as well as statement sheets are not official records without an Officer's signature and FLPD case number. 

Alarm registrations:

Completed alarm forms may be dropped off at Police HQ or emailed to: ggraziano@fairlawnpd.com

Video surveillance systems:

Citizen Reports:

  • FLPD Citizens Report: To be used for storm damage, neighbor issues, or to document minor incidents which can be officially entered into the record at Police HQ at a later time.
  • State of NJ SR-1 Motor Vehicle Accident Report: To be used for motor vehicle crashes or for hit & run motor vehicle crashes with minor damage where the Police were not summoned to the scene to investigate the crash. This form gets mailed directly to the State, follow the directions on the form. 

Statement Sheet: